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My Ten Favorite Musical Compositions

I’m going to start making top-10 lists based on my own personal feelings and experiences, and only explain them as much as I want to and no more.

My ten favorite pieces of music.

  1. "Piano Sonata No. 8 (Pathetique)"-Ludwig van Beethoven
  2. "Your Hand in Mine"-Explosions in the Sky
  3. "Neighborhood No. 1 (Tunnels)"-Arcade Fire
  4. "First Suite in Eb for Military Band"-Gustav Holst
  5. "Behold the Hurricane"-The Horrible Crowes
  6. "Make Our Garden Grow"-Leonard Bernstein
  7. "You Know You’re Right"-Nirvana
  8. "Transformations"-Robert Longfield
  9. "Gimme Shelter"-The Rolling Stones
  10. "Runaway"-The National