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College Stories

When I was a high school sophomore or so, I started looking at colleges. I wanted a certain size of school, with a certain major, in a certain environment, but one of the kind of off-beat things I looked at was the gender ratio.

You see, I wasn’t particularly popular in high school, and my dad had told me once that I would probably meet my future wife in college. So in the interest of not dying alone, I sought out universities that had more women students than men, figuring that I’d do better with a numerical advantage. I looked at a couple: UNC-Greensboro still stands out in my mind, as did York College of Pennsylvania, which, my sophomore year of high school, had a near 2-to-1 ratio of women to men. But something fluky happened with the next class. York made a particular effort to attract male undergrads, and I noticed a trend that would make the gender ratio almost even by the time I would have enrolled. So I crossed it off my list.

This got my dad’s attention, and when he asked why I’d soured so quickly on York College, I could only say:

"Alas, poor York. A new him/her ratio."

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